Tuesday, May 16, 2017


STO. DOMINGO, ALBAY, May 15, 2017 - The 15th Sarung Banggi Festival opens with a blasts Sunday night at the Pontenciano Gregorio Recreation an Cultural Center (PGRCC). The first day is particularly vibrant and a packed of entertainment program is offered.

Sarung Banggi Festival is a celebration of the rich culture of the people of Sto. Domingo and is held every month of May of the year. This festival lasts for 14 days and features a wide range of interesting events.

One of the highlights of this colorful event is the the Parade of the Dancing Lights. The people of Sto. Domingo spend many nights preparing costumes, dance moves, props and lights for this colorful parade. Parade of the Dancing Lights is the only street dance held at night of all the popular festivals in Bicolandia.

Started by Mayor Herbie B. Aguas on his first term as Mayor of Sto. Domingo ( he was then only 26 years old) through an executive order for the love of culture and togetherness of DomingueƱos and adapted by the Sangguniang Bayan an enacted a Municipal Ordinance for the purpose. In his speech Mayor Aguas said, he was inspired by the composer of the immortal song “Sarung Banggi” – Potenciano Valladolid Gregorio (Lolo Poten) – a proud and respected DomingueƱo.
(Mar de la Cruz)