Friday, September 29, 2017


LEGAZPI CITY (Sept. 29) – Bishop Joel Z. Baylon  of the Diocese of Legazpi signed a pastoral letter Thursday, September 28 calling to stop the killings under the Duterte administration’s “War on Drugs”.

“This is a reminder for the fundamental principles and values that we might be forgetting in the midst of all the challenges that we are facing today”, said Bishop Baylon in the press conference attended by local media, this city.

The prelate said that bullets will not solve the drug problem. He emphasized that drug addiction is a psychological disorder and not a crime that needs intervention and assistance. The pastoral letter is a subtle message that the church proclaim to give substance users a chance and start the healing because they are also human beings like all of us, he added.

The Diocese made an appeal to make the community, schools, and even the social media as platform for truth telling and impart to the youth the ill-effects of drugs and respect the life and dignity of everyone.  The pastoral letter will be read on Sunday masses of the diocese for the parishioners to be aware of their appeal to stop extra judicial killings. (Mar de la Cruz with reports from Luence Burce Barcena)