Wednesday, January 31, 2018


LEGAZPI CITY (Jan 31) – Alert Level 4 remains over Mayon Volcano said PHIVOLCS Lignon Hill Mayon Volcano Observatory, Resident Volcanologist Ed Laguerta said in an interview over DZGB News Wednesday.

Mayon Volcano continue its lava effusion at an increased volume and is now flowing at Bonga Channel – Padang side, Legazpi City and Basud Gully fronting the municipality of Sto. Domingo, Albay.Result of the aerial inspection disclosed that Malilipot and Tabaco City has notable pyroclastic flow but remains at the upper portion of the volcano. Intermittent short-lived lava fountaining to 200m heights occurred throughout the night.

Meanwhile, pyroclastic flow in Basud Gully according to Laguerta has notably increased and there are burnt portions recorded. White smoke emission today indicates water steaming at the crater of the volcano. He added that pyroclastic deposits in the abovementioned river channels posed danger of lahar flow during heavy rains. He warned the public to avoid prohibited areas to be safe from any eventualities. (Mar de la Cruz)


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