Albay 3rd District Rep. Fernando “Didi” Cabredo said he is recovering from mild symptom of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in a private hospital in Legazpi City. 

This was disclosed by Cabredo in an exclusive interview with #DZGBNewsOnline and #DZGBAMLegazpi hosted by Pio Fernandez. 

Cabredo said that after receipt of the RT-PCR positive test result, he immediately seek hospital confinement to isolate from his family and avoid spreading the virus. He said that its really troublesome to contract with COVID-19. 

Aside from no visitors allowed during confinement, the medicine are expensive.  

He said that the doctor prescribed REMDESIVIR  for him to take at P8,500 per vial 5 times. 

He lamented what about poor individuals? What will happen to them if confined due to COVID-19?

Relative to this he called on the public to really take the necessary health protocols being implemented by the Dept. of Health to avoid contracting the virus and spreading it to many individuals. 

Cong. Didi believes that there are so many asymptomatic COVID-19 positive moving around so its better to be safe by using properly a mask, physical distancing, washing of hands with clean water and soap, and avoid crowded or contained spaces.