Local Artists launches exciting art exhibits.

STO.DOMINGO, ALBAY Feb. 27 –There’s so much to see this Arts Month, but here in SINING DOMINGUEÑO – only few of the pieces and exhibits from local artists is highlighted that can immediately draw the attention of all visitors.

This first Art Exhibit with Open Mic Session in Sto. Domingo runs February 22, 2020 until February 29, 2020 at Aguas Farm Café, Aguas Farm, Fidel Surtida, this municipality. Featuring different visual arts discipline ranging from acryclic paintings, oil on canvass, photography, digital arts and craftmanship.

Spearheaded by the Sarung Banggi Artist Collected SINING DOMINGUEÑO features the undying rendition of visual interpretations by the local artists from Sto. Domingo – the Home of Sarung Banggi, home town of the composer of the immortal song Sarung Banggi , Potenciano Valladolid Gregorio.

Pranz Dominic Samar -organizer of the exhibit said that this is an opportunity for the local artist to be recognized and showcase the arts and culture of Domingueños and encourage them not to stop in their passion even working now in different fields of endeavor. “ This is only a start, a lot more is coming now that we have already a place to do it!”, said Samar.

Former Mayor Herbie Aguas – owner of Aguas Farm Café is in full support with the Domingueño local artist saying that he is happy because the inspiration hailed by “Lolo Poten” (Potenciano V.Gregorio) in culture and the arts is alive with Domingueños. If you are tired of the busy streets in urban areas and want to commune with nature, watch the amazing Mayon Volcano, and enjoy mini-zoo come and visit Aguas Farm and be one of those lucky to see the awesome art exhibit.  The Open Mic Session is slated on Saturday, Feb. 29 at 5PM featuring Songs,  Poetry and Instruments by Domingueño talents. Be there when it happens! (NDmdl)

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