World Suicide Prevention Day 2020 amid COVID-19

LEGAZPI CITY Sept 10  - With the growing number of suicide cases amongst the youth what initiatives could we take now that coronavirus pandemic stuck us to stay at home?

Any event that would gather people and going outside and participate is strictly prohibited physically.

Today, 10th Day of September is World Suicide  Day to provide commitment and action to prevent suicide all over the world but this time in different perspective, in different medium, in different platform. Being at home, digitally we can still spread awareness to prevent suicide by using the social media.

In an interview with Jeannie Goulbourn, Executive Director  of Natasha Foundation she said, that globally, the suicide rate is constantly increasing day by day and people are suffering from depression and mental illness as well and working together to prevent suicide is a must. “Suicide cases in the Philipines is rising at an alarming rate and depression incidences are at an all-time-high”, she said. NGF has its 24/27 crisis hotline: HOPELINE. The official HOPELINE numbers are: 8.804.4673; 0917.588.HOPE (4683); and 2919 (toll free for Globe and TM Subscribers).

 Researches conducted by DZGBNewsOnline, experts said that before we can protect someone, we have to know first the signs of suicidal thoughts, and these are as follows: 1.) Talking abouth death or suicide; 2.) Feeling of hopelessness; 3.) Considering themselves as a burden; 4.) Withdrawing themselves completely from friends and family; 5.) Losing interest in all kinds of activities; 6.) Extreme mood swings; 7.)Giving away all his posessions;  and 8.) Saying goodbye to their family and friends.

When you see these signs, it’s better  to take care  of that person and try not to leave them alone. Connect them to life. Tell them don’t Give Up. Tell them they are not Alone. Tell them they Matter. (NM Mar de la)

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